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The Global Awards for the World’s Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising Announces 2015 Shortlist


New York, NY – October 27, 2014: The Global Awards℠, for the World’s Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising℠ announced the 2015 shortlist. The Global Awards Grand Jury shortlisted 152 entries this year, submitted from 26 countries. Entries achieving shortlist status will be judged by the Executive Jury in a live session in New York City to determine trophy winners.

This year, innovative brands continued to use education to engage consumers. Entries into the Educational Awareness (Advertising to the Consumer) category were propelled to the trophy round with a robust 20 entries shortlisted; other categories directed to the consumer with shortlisted entries include: Health Institutions & Services with 6; Over the Counter (OTC) Products & Treatments with 5; and both Direct to Consumer (DTC) Medicines and Nutritional Management (OTC) each with 3 entries.
Integrated campaigns that engaged viewers on behalf of the brand and in support of causes dominated the shortlist: Saatchi & Saatchi Health Sydney for both “In the Dark”  for client Schizophrenia Awareness/Janssen and “Penny The Pirate” for Luxottica / OPSM; McCann Health South Africa “Breathless Moments” for AstraZeneca Respiratory; Life Healthcare Communications United Kingdom “Resistance Integrated Campaign” Epiduo; Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Parsippany, USA “Disease Activity Lightbulb Campaign” for Unbranded/Multiple Sclerosis; McCann HumanCare New York “Let's End This for Mucinex;  and Downtown Partners “The Luck Plan” for Get Covered Illinois - Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace.
The USA was in the spotlight leading with a total of 51 entries shortlisted. The United Kingdom saw 27 entries moving on to the next round, followed by Australia with 19 entries. The United Arab Emirates was up significantly from last year, with 8 entries moving on to the trophy round. Agencies from Japan and South Africa moved ahead with 6 entries each, followed by Brazil with 5 entries. This year 4 entries from France moved onto the medal round.
The Global Awards expanded its reach in 2015 with the multiple countries earning shortlist status. New Zealand and Sweden each saw 2 entries move forward and Portugal had a single entry shortlisted.
New Categories for 2015, including Best Use of Media: Technology, saw a significant number of entries achieve shortlist status: Droga5 Sydney “Game To Quit” for Nicabate; Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide USA “B-INFORMED Interactive Table” for Unbranded/Multiple Sclerosis; Ogilvy Healthworld London “AstraZeneca Patient Profiler TouchTable” for client  AstraZeneca; TBWA Paling Walters “Pfizer Enbrel BSR Booth” for Enbrel; and Tribal Worldwide “DXM Labworks” for Consumer Healthcare Products Association & Partnership For Drug-Free Kids.
Also new in 2015, the Advertising to the Consumer/Patient: Promotional Marketing category, recognized entries that empower patients through the creation a direct relationship with them. Agencies with entries shortlisted: FamiljenPangea Sweden “The Cross “The Swedish Association of Health Professionals”; Grey Group Pte Ltd Singapore “Life Saving Dot” Talwar Traders  and “The Horlicks School Journey Initiative” GSK/Horlicks Global Brand; McCann Health South Africa “Roadblock” AstraZeneca Respiratory; and Saatchi and Saatchi Health UK “Real Expressions” Allergan Medical Aesthetics.
The Global Awards Grand Jury, headed by Global Awards Executive Committee Chairperson Robin Shapiro, President and Chief Creative Officer for CAHG, evaluated entries to determine the 2015 Shortlist. International Grand Jury live judging sessions were hosted by the following agencies: Ward6 Sydney, Publicis LifeBrands Resolute London, and CAHG Chicago. To view the complete 2015 shortlist please visit: HERE.
The Global Awards will celebrate the 2015 winners with celebrations in Sydney at the X Studio and in New York at The New York Academy of Sciences. All winners and attendees are invited to jet to the show of their choice on Thursday, December 3, 2015. For ceremony details and to purchase tickets to the 2015 Global Awards celebrations visit: HERE.
For more information visit the Global Awards at
All press inquiries are welcome and should be directed to Gayle Mandel: Phone 212 643 4800
About the Global Awards World’s Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising℠
Now in their 21th year, The Global Awards are dedicated to excellence in healthcare and wellness communications on an international basis. The Global Awards receives entries from healthcare corporations, hospitals, advertising agencies, production companies, and design studios that produce communication for medial, pharmaceutical, healthcare & wellness related products and services.
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